Good moaning!

Welcome to this blog about HIV. No, really, welcome.

Get tested and carry on

Better the devil you know

And well done for finding it in the first place. I look forward to seeing the breakdown of keywords used in Google to find this page. I would hope yours did not include beads or anal. For this is not a jewellery website for OCD people.

What’s my story? Well, I was diagnosed HIV positive on Thursday 3 June 201…No no no no no, seriously, who cares?

You? I doubt it. Just saying. Do you? Like, REAAAAALLY? Didn’t think so.

Me? I had to look it up. Basically, I remember it was a Thursday. The one before I started my new job, on the 7th. That’s how I remember it. Mind, it might have been a Wednesday. Hardly the big ceremonial.

If anything, it was a day to remember for reasons more important than the discovery of HIV in my blood. I won’t go any deeper, hey, it’s private!

Needless to say, I didn’t dwell on the news. I swallowed it, took it on board and carried on living my life.

Why this site then, you might ask? Well, à la Dragon’s Den, I noticed a ‘gap in the market’. There is, literally, no other blog like this one in the UK. Right?!

Mind, if sarcasm is lost on you, you may want to turn around right here. 🙂 Unlike what the title here might suggest, I shall try not to moan, mourn or be too miserable.

HIV isn’t the end of the world. So I certainly won’t let it ruin mine.

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(2010 was the year. You’re too curious…)

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